Where are the beaTunes logs?

Note: Starting with beaTunes 4.0.14, you can simply open the Help menu and choose Upload Logs to send logs to us. After you sent logs, please contact us via the forum mentioning your username/email and describing the problem. Otherwise we don't know what to do with the files.

Earlier beaTunes versions/beaTunes does not start anymore

The location of your logs directory depends on your operating system and version of beaTunes.
From beaTunes 2.1 on they are:

  • macOS: [your_home]/Library/Logs/beaTunes or ~/Library/Logs/beaTunes
  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10: c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\tagtraum industries\beaTunes\logs or %LocalAppData%\tagtraum industries\beaTunes\logs
  • Windows XP: c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\tagtraum industries\beaTunes\logs

Note that the Windows Explorer may hide the folder AppData from you. To navigate to it, you can simply type it into the Explorer navigation bar or tell Explorer to show hidden files.

On macOS the directory denoted as [your_home] or ~ is not your harddrive, but your home directory. You can get to it by opening a Finder window and clicking on the little house icon.

Also, starting with Lion, macOS (then called OS X) hides the ~/Library folder from you. To get to it, use the Go menu in Finder to go to folder ~/Library/Logs, then control-click on beaTunes and choose Compress "beaTunes" from the context menu. This will create a beaTunes.zip file with all the beaTunes log files.

If for some reason you cannot find the right folder on macOS, please follow these steps:

  1. Start the application Terminal (it's in /Applications/Utilities)
  2. Type in
    zip -rj Desktop/beaTunesLogs.zip Library/Logs/beaTunes/
  3. Hit the Enter key
  4. The logs are now in the file beaTunesLogs.zip on your desktop.

Up to (and including) beaTunes 2.0 the locations are:

  • macOS: [your_home]/Library/Logs/beaTunes
  • XP: c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\.beaTunes\logs
  • Vista/Windows 7: c:\Users\[username]\.beaTunes\logs

If you are ever asked to send the logs to support, please zip (using zip, tar or tgz - please don't make this harder than necessary by using obscure compression tools) the entire folder and not just single files. The resulting archive should have a reasonable size, as these text only files compress really well.
Please also refrain from simply copying and pasting parts of the log into a message in this forum.

Thank you.