Turn audio feedback off

Sometimes you want to avoid audible feedback like the pings you hear when analysis finishes. Currently there is no user interface element that lets you turn audible feedback off. However, in beaTunes 3.5 and later it is possible to turn it on and off via the preference mechanism.


On OS X, to turn audio feedback on or off, please execute one of the following lines from the command line (Terminal.app) while beaTunes is not running.

To turn feedback off:

defaults write com.tagtraum.beatunes /com/tagtraum/beatunes/ -dict-add audiofeedback.enabled -string false

To turn feedback on:

defaults write com.tagtraum.beatunes /com/tagtraum/beatunes/ -dict-add audiofeedback.enabled -string true


On Windows, while beaTunes is not running:

  1. Start regedit,
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/JavaSoft/Prefs/com/tagtraum/beatunes,
  3. Right-click on beatunes,
  4. In the context menu, choose New -> String Value,
  5. Enter the name audiofeedback.enabled,
  6. Right-click on the new string value and select Modify,
  7. Enter false as new value.

To re-enable audible feedback, change the value to true (the default) or delete the audiofeedback.enabled value.