New update slow to load

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Mike Doupe

10 Feb, 2019 12:22 PM

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I've recently updated to 5.1.11 and it is terribly slow to load up the library or playlist. See attached screenshots. The library and playlist shows number of songs at the top but the list doesn't show up. I'm at the point that I'd like to return to my previous version.

* beaTunes: 5.1.11
* JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
* Version: 25.152-b5
* Vendor: JetBrains s.r.o
* OS: Mac OS X 10.14.2, x86_64
* Library: iTunes
* Memory: 92m - 3072m
* Registered as: Mike Doupe

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by hendrik on 10 Feb, 2019 12:48 PM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Hey Mike,

    What was your previous version?

    Also, have you tried Tools -> Repair Database? If not, please give that a shot.



  2. 2 Posted by Michael Doupe on 10 Feb, 2019 01:55 PM

    Michael Doupe's Avatar


    Thanks for the quick response.

    I tried checking my backup for the previous version but it doesn’t go back far enough. I’ve been trying to avoid a rebuild as it takes days to complete.

    everything in this version seems to slow or non-responsive. creating a new matchlist or playlist from selection used to be almost instantaneous. Just now i tried and the runtime execution popped up.

    I will try a rebuild and report back.


  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by hendrik on 10 Feb, 2019 02:36 PM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve been trying to avoid a rebuild as it takes days to complete.

    Please try repair, not rebuild.

    Those are two very different options. While repair only rebuilds the database tables and indices without reading any data from your audio files, rebuild deletes the whole database and then re-reads all the data it can find from your audio files. The latter takes much longer. A repair should be reasonably quick. But should the repair fail, something is seriously wrong with the internal database and I would recommend a rebuild anyway.

    I tried checking my backup for the previous version but it doesn’t go back far enough.

    Does that mean, you don't know what version you updated from?

    I can tell that you have attached a screenshot with some error message, but the resolution is too bad for me to be able to read the message.



  4. 4 Posted by Michael Doupe on 10 Feb, 2019 03:21 PM

    Michael Doupe's Avatar

    good tip…i’ll try reading more carefully next time. thanks!

  5. Support Staff 5 Posted by hendrik on 10 Feb, 2019 03:24 PM

    hendrik's Avatar

    good tip…i’ll try reading more carefully next time. thanks!

    No worries. You're in good company. Most people don't realize there's a difference.

  6. 6 Posted by Michael Doupe on 10 Feb, 2019 05:43 PM

    Michael Doupe's Avatar


    Repair completed. It still takes several minutes to populate the library or playlist listing.

    To answer your previous questions:

    version: correct, I don’t recall what my previous version was. I updated just before Christmas but my oldest time machine backup is late January.

    error msg screenshot: java.lang.runtimeexception: timeout while creating playlist playlist 3 - i had tried to make a playlist from a selection.

    thanks again,

  7. Support Staff 7 Posted by hendrik on 11 Feb, 2019 07:41 AM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Hey Mike,

    I realized that you have sent logs before—those were from beaTunes 5.1.5. So we are not talking about a major version update (4->5), but only the last digit in that number (micro version).

    I took a look at the log files you sent and it seems like beaTunes is very busy trying to get recommendations from Amazon. Unfortunately, the log does not contain all information I'd like to see.

    Can you please download and install the current dev snapshot? It's at

    Then please use the snapshot for a bit, play around and reproduce the issues you experienced. Then please send me a new set of logs.

    Also: Do you have media key support turned on or off? I highly recommend turning it off, should it be on.

    Hope fully new logs help me work out, why beaTunes is not as quick as it should be.



  8. 8 Posted by Michael Doupe on 11 Feb, 2019 11:11 AM

    Michael Doupe's Avatar

    Thanks Hendrik. I will give this a try.

    Would you please direct me to the media key support control? I’m not sure if it’s on or off. I’m not sure where to look.

  9. Support Staff 9 Posted by hendrik on 11 Feb, 2019 04:38 PM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Would you please direct me to the media key support control?

    It's in the playback preferences.

  10. 10 Posted by Michael Doupe on 17 Feb, 2019 03:59 AM

    Michael Doupe's Avatar


    Current log is attached. I’ve also uploaded the logs through the help pulldown.


  11. Support Staff 11 Posted by hendrik on 17 Feb, 2019 12:46 PM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Hey Mike,

    thanks for your logs. It looks like beaTunes is spending some time in these three areas:

    1. sorting by PlayFrequency
    2. connecting to Amazon
    3. matching with similar genres

    Sorting the main table by PlayFrequency is unfortunately slow, because it's hard to precompute the index—that's because PlayFrequency is fairly dynamic. It always reflects the situation now. I recommend avoiding it, unless you really need it.

    Using the Amazon similarity rule is always fairly slow, because you have to connect to Amazon and query their service. There is an issue with that, probably caused by Amazon or too many requests I still have to look into. But for now, if you don't really need it, I recommend disabling that matching rule. That said, you might get better results by using the US store (configurable in the general preferences).

    Matching with similar genre should be faster. I have updated the code a bit to make it more efficient. Please download, install (same URL as before, but different file now), and play around with it. I.e. create some match lists using the genre rule. Please let me know, how that goes, preferably also upload a fresh log via the Help menu.

    Thanks and have a great Sunday!


  12. 12 Posted by Mike Doupe on 17 Feb, 2019 02:24 PM

    Mike Doupe's Avatar

    Thanks again for the help Hendrik.

    The items you highlight below were not set by me. I haven’t changed any settings for sorting, Amazon, etc. It must have loaded this by default.


    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Support Staff 13 Posted by hendrik on 17 Feb, 2019 03:13 PM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Which ruleset do you use for match lists or the matching song table? You can check in the song matching preferences.

  14. Support Staff 14 Posted by hendrik on 18 Feb, 2019 08:26 AM

    hendrik's Avatar

    I went back to your logs and you seem to have the Amazon Similarity rule enabled (song matching) as well as similar genre.

    But regard PlayFrequency you are absolutely right. I'll look into that.

  15. Support Staff 15 Posted by hendrik on 25 Feb, 2019 10:24 AM

    hendrik's Avatar

    Hey Mike,

    I just wondered, have you ever had a chance to try out the snapshot I posted on 2/17?
    Any difference?



  16. 16 Posted by Michael Doupe on 09 Mar, 2019 06:22 PM

    Michael Doupe's Avatar

    I haven’t much time to play with it but it seems that everything drags/takes longer to do anything. Earlier version(s) i’ve worked with would work much faster.

    also, previous version i never had to do any changes for amazon, or anything else.

    attached the log file and uploaded them to server too.

  17. 17 Posted by Thierry Jourget on 30 Jun, 2020 06:27 PM

    Thierry Jourget's Avatar

    I have no response to my questions (june the 29 th)...

  18. 18 Posted by Mike Doupe on 30 Jun, 2020 06:51 PM

    Mike Doupe's Avatar

    Sorry but I did not receive any questions yesterday.

  19. 19 Posted by Thierry Jourget on 30 Jun, 2020 09:12 PM

    Thierry Jourget's Avatar

    Good evening,

    OK ;
    I’m french and i’m going to try to remember my remarks :
    I want to use Beatunes to classify my music library according to my choices. For example, when I have several times "Mozart" in Genre, Artist, ... I want to be able to simplify and clarify things to make them easier to read. Is that the purpose of a ranking ?
    I find myself with Beatunes in front of a software that has everything it seems to do this and save me time, but it is very finicky, often does not respond to mouse clicks or pressing Del keys. ... Anyway, I'm sorry but it doesn't work effectively.
    I am working on a McBook Pro, 2014/2015, with a 2 TB SSD, 16 Mega of RAM, in short a fairly reactive machine and I am very disappointed to see the malfunction of Beatunes which is used in my case mainly to classify my tracks, by era, composer, style .... Do you have a solution (I have the latest version of Beatunes and Catalina) ?
    Thanks in advance.

    THierry Jourget

  20. 20 Posted by Mike Doupe on 30 Jun, 2020 11:03 PM

    Mike Doupe's Avatar

    I’m sorry. I think there’s been some mix up. From what you are describing, you are a beatunes user. I am also a beatunes user (not a beatunes representative).

    I’m not sure why but it appears that you were able to reply to one of my beatunes issues I sent from earlier this year. You may want to post your help request through the website.

    Best of luck,

  21. 21 Posted by Thierry Jourget on 01 Jul, 2020 11:03 AM

    Thierry Jourget's Avatar

    Oups !!!
    Good morning,
    I’m so sorry about my mystake !
    Please, excuse me.
    Could you tell me how I can send my message to the good
    place and to the good guy ?
    Dio you know where is the place, to go, on website ? It’s not easy to find, I think...
    Like you see, I’m a little in difficulty for that (sorry for my english, I’m french...) ?
    Best regards,
    Thierry Jourget
    5b, rue Verger
    43110 Aurec sur Loire

  22. 22 Posted by Mike Doupe on 01 Jul, 2020 11:17 AM

    Mike Doupe's Avatar

    Not a problem! I now see what has happened. You must have replied to my previous post.

    I now see your June 29 post and I see that Hendrik has responded.

    Best of luck.

  23. hendrik closed this discussion on 02 Jul, 2020 04:16 PM.

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